To Love A Killer


They say there is no such thing as love at sight; Today I confess, I fell for her at sight.
She is a snake, she poisoned my heart and without a venom;
I never felt this way
Chains shouldn’t be a barrier; I am in chains
She’s in chains too
My chains are heavy my sins are terrible
But her chains are multiple of mine; measured by sins; grave sins
My life changed that day; I saw her, I saw my love
For the first time, I regret being chained
Let me go to her; the chains obey not my wish
They drag her to the torture room
Ironically she’s not in pain; she alarmed “Leave me”. Jailers don’t obey prisoners.
She has a sweet voice like a bird
She spit fire like a dragon
Her crest like a princess
Her eyes like a snake
Her skin; of a goddess
Height of a midget
I feel the lost part of me in her
I long to see more of her; Mr Jailer interrupted
“Do not give me that look” he kept ringing it back to my head “you are a serial killer, there is no good left in you” as he looked me in eye.
See the guards; watching my living body
They don’t understand I’m a changed man
For the first time in my short life I feel guilt.
Oh! How I hate love
Love makes you regret your evil past
Love makes you seek after forgiveness
It reminds me how I once killed a preacher who preached love to me
I should have embraced him; maybe I wouldn’t have been a convict today
My mother loves me,
Everyone loves me,
I never love no one until this day
The female prisoner changed me
Me a prisoner
She a prisoner
Chained prisoners
Love sucks
I’m here cause I never love no one
She is here cause she kills anyone she loves
How ironic; she’s my first love
My first crush; and the last
How sweet it is if I die for love
Help me beg the firing squad to save me a chance with her
I rather die in her hands.



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